Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wildflower Top from Pattern Anthology

When I received an e-mail from Melissa of Blank Slate Patterns about a month ago asking for women's testers, I had no clue that I was testing for the new collection of patterns from Pattern Anthology: Just Add Jeans.

As you know - I have really gotten into sewing some thing for me recently.  It has been far too long since I have had clothes that I really felt good in.  We each face our own issues when we look at sewing for ourselves; whether body issues, fear of not knowing the right fabric to buy, or thoughts that you can't pull off clothes for yourself without them looking 'homemade'.

Well let me assure you that the patterns in this collection will NOT let you down!

I was able to sew up the Wildflower Top  - I love the contrasting front bodice.  I love the deep V - which is incredibly flattering if you have wide shoulders and a broad rib cage life I do (just keep your contrasting layer darker than your main fabric).  I also love that Melissa has created this top to be customize-able to your shape and size.  I went with the Large size in the shoulder, sleeve, and bust; and then graded out to the XL for the waist and hip.  All of this is clearly explained in the detailed instructions.

There are a variety of sleeve options including bell, long sleeve, and short sleeve.  While this is designed as a mid hip length Top - it would be easy to lengthen this to be a tunic as well.  This pattern comes in size XS-XL. I have plans for many more of these over the summer... it would make a really cute swim suit cover up too without the contrasting layer!

 Grab your 'Just Add Jeans' collection while they are on sale as a bundle: for $29.95
or - you can buy this pattern individually from Blank Slate Patterns after March 24

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

U is for Underwear... Sew All 26

I am so excited to be a part of Katy's Sew All 26 Series over at No Big Dill.  I picked the letter U for a very specific reason...

...I am soon going to be potty training my twin boys - EEEEEEEKKKKK!  And that means I will need underwear - a LOT of underwear.
But, in looking at some great patterns for kid sized underoos, I found myself side tracked by Jocole's Basic Brief for women.  I looked at her pattern, and pretty example images, and I took a good look at my sad underwear drawer.
I'm going to be so unbelievably honest - the last time I got new underwear was when the boys were born - yep, three years ago.  I still have things in there from college - say what?!?!? So as much as my boys will soon be taking the venture towards diaper-less-dom, that is at least a month a way, and the truth is I am so overdo for some 'unmentionables' for me.
This pattern is great; three waist heights: hipster, high waist and ruched back, three leg rises: bikini, brief, and boy short.  I went with the hipster height with the brief leg rise.  In about 15 minutes I had four pairs cut out, and lass than an hour latter 2 were complete.

I had fun with one pair making a color block on the side and using a cute print for Joanns.  The color block isn't included in the pattern, but it is super simple to do.  Just fold the sides of your front and back piece towards the middle.  Cut your front and back with the sides folded in.  Then, take those folded sections and trace them onto a piece of paper as one piece - add seam allowance and you are good to go!

I finished the pair off with fun elastic I found at Fabric Fairy.

The second pair, I sewed my elastic on the wrong side - yep these are the things that happen when you sew at 5am ;op  But since I attached it with the serger, I kinda liked the look, so I left it - I could also turn it and top stitch like I did the waistband.  I have two more to sew, so I'll keep playing with the finishing details I like!  I really like the panty lining and the way these come together inside and out.

Next up.... Underwear for the boys!

Head over to No Big Dill to check out all the letters of the alphabet and to add your own creations to the fun!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Build A Better Wardrobe Giveaway!!!

Ok - if you missed it... I'm organizing this kinda big thing over at Pattern Revolution.  It is called Sew Yourself Some Love, and it is all about encouraging women to take care of themselves so that they can better encourage and take care of the world around them!!!

We are having a super fun Link Up party that has PRIZES.... so please share with all of your blogging friends, and come on over and join in the link up PAR-TAY!  The Elizabeths of Simple Simon are two of our fantastic judges - love those girls.

So if you are sewing along with Project Sewn or Shades of Me - come on over and share those projects with us too.  We want to see what you are creating, we want to be inspired, we want to see all those smiles that say 'I made something for me - and I LOVE it'.
Grab a button and spread the word!!!

Building a Better Wardrobe Giveaway

Building a Better Wardrobe Giveaway

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sew Yourself Some Love

So it has been a bit quieter over here than normal, but that is because I have been working on something BIG.  An entire month of sewing for women over at Pattern Revolution, we're calling it 'Sew Yourself Some Love'.  I've spent the last month rounding up awesome patterns to review, getting my amazing team of sewists excitedly working on new tutorials to add even more versatility to some of your favorite patterns, and of course picking and choosing what I am going to sew up over the next month.
We kicked off yesterday with this amazing post from Robin Hill: Talkin' About a Revolution  and I took the pledge...

So if you are sewing something for yourself this month, make sure to come over and join in the fun!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Layering Love: Guest Posting a Overlay Tutorial for a Circleskirt

Today I am sharing quite possibly the easiest tutorial in the world over at Pattern Revolution, A circle skirt overlay.

Easy Peasy, but can completely change the look of a simple pattern.  

Check out all the adorableness of baby girl - at 21 months, she is quickly leaving any semblance of 'babyhood' behind.
Hugs and hope you are all having a GREAT week!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Canaan's Incredible Blazer Blog Tour

I love participating in blog tours - it is just fun to see what so many talented people can do with the same pattern.  So today I'm getting to share my version of My Little Plumbcakes' Canaan's Incredible Blazer Pattern.

A already has a dressy blazer for this year, so I really wanted to figure out what I could do with fabric to give this pattern a more casual feel that he could wear all the time and even for play.  I searched through my stash and discovered some black fleece and I knew it would fit my vision perfectly.  Add to that some mustache flannel that I grabbed at Joanns for a steal, and this coat was ready to keep the winter chill at bay.

One of the fun things about this pattern is it's versatility.  There are pockets with two flap options, darts to give a more contoured fit, hood or collar, elbow patches, and shoulder tabs.  I actually had both the pocket flaps and shoulder tabs cut out,but had to scale back my vision slightly due to ummmmmmmmmmmm.... time constraints ;op I may do my best work under pressure, but sadly you can not add hours of time into a day!

I love the fit of this on my son - due to the thickness of my fabric choices, I decided to go with a 4t (he usually wears a 3T). But, I also wanted there to be enough room for him to wear a sweater underneath, and he certainly can.

I decided to top stitch my seams to make sure the garment retained some blazer 'essence'.  There is something about beautifully pieced and tailored mens wear that I just love to sew.  Anyone who knows my sewing, knows that I love Jackets - this jacket is not only versatile,it is also well crafted.  I'm actually thinking about going back and adding those shoulder tabs, they are just so cool!

This jacket is certainly not an hour sew, but it is well worth the time you invest in it.
*A did not like taking pictures in the rain, but he did tell me when he put it on that he LOVES jackets-awww, a little man after my own heart ;o)

If you want to win your very own copy of the My Little Plumcake Canaan's Incredible Blazer Pattern,make sure you head over to Pattern Revolution and enter to win your own.  And check out all the other ladies participating as well!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Fun

We may have had a rough end of December between Pink Eye, the Flu, Bronchitis, and the Stomach bug - yech; BUT we still had so much fun!!!!!!
Thanks to all of our family and friends who reached out over the holidays and made us feel so loved - we love you too.
(Picture overload ahead...)

Decorating Cookies...

 Eating Cookies...

More Decorating (different day)...

More Eating....

 STEALING Cookies....

 Christmas Morning:

Opening Presents...

 Baking more Cookies...

My conclusion to our Christmas is that we REALLY like cookies in this family!!!
HAHAHAHAHAH - may your 2014 be full of sugar, butter, and tons of laughter ;o)